O fous lepší pivo




Restaurant opening hours

Daily from 10 am – 10 pm

Monday to Friday 10 am – 12 pm

About the brewery

 Here at Kocour (Czech for 'Tomcat') we have committed ourselves to a challenge, to persuade conservative-minded domestic beer-drinkers that beer does not equal a chilled bottle in the fridge, that beer means more than a Czech lager, that beer can go well with gastronomy, that there is a beer for every season, every state of mind……that beer is much more than it is generally perceived to be.That is why we're offering a wide range of special beers, ranging from strong lagers to various top-fermented beers like weizen, stout, saison, pale ale, etc..

So discover with us the colorful world of beer – styles, tastes, specialities from different parts of the world. Come, meet our beers and taste them. Give them a chance to reveal their charms.

Let the Kocour guide you...



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