O fous lepší pivo




For Czech-type beers, Czech hops from the Žatec area are used, along with malt sourced from Moravia. In the brewing of special beers, ingredients are chosen according to the Particular beer, but include smoked malt from Weyermann of Bamberk in Bavaria, English hop varieties such as Fuggle, Northern Brewer or Challenger, and American hops such as Cascade, Chinook, Centennial or Columbus for IPA and American Pale Ales. Hops are used in the form of granules.


We use our local water for brewing. Owing to its high quality, there is no need to process or modify it beforehand.



Brewing varies according to the type of beer. To brew lager, we use the decoction method, the traditional way of brewing local beers; for top-fermented beers we use the fusion method, with a stepwise temperature increase. The only exception is weizen beer, where we also use decoction. Kocour's unique and historic copper brewhouse has a mashed wort capacity of about 13 hectolitres.


Kocour brews bottom-fermented lagers and top-fermented ales (stout, saison, weizen). In principle, the technology is the same, the main difference is in the use of different strains of yeast and the higher fermentation and maturation temperatures for top-fermented beers. To avoid undesired interaction between different yeast strains, we use closed fermentation. The yeast is supplied to us by PIVO Praha of Prague. For top-fermentation we use yeast from The Brewing Science Institute in Colorado, USA.


Beer maturation is carried out in closed, upright tanks of 13 hl capacity. The minimum maturation period for Czech-style lager is 4 weeks. For top-fermented beers it varies.


You can buy Kocour beers almost in all of the Czech Republic. The beer is distributed in kegs and bottles to restaurants, that can be described as being „beer geek restaurants“ – they offer many different types of beer from different breweries. More information can be found in the section „WHERE TO BUY“. The Kocour brewery offers its beer in 1/2 and 1/3 litre glass bottles, in PET litre bottles and in 20, 30 and 50 – litre kegs.


ABBEY 18° (7,6 %)

LIGHT LAGER 12° (4,0 %)

STUDENT´S TEN 10° (4,0 %)

DARK LAGER 12° (4,0 %)

HAKA NZ LAGER 15° (5,0 %)

CATFISH 11° (4,1 %)

IPA SAMURAI 14° (5,1 %)


CHERRY PORTER 14° (4,2 %)

CHERRY LAGER 12° (4,7 %)